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Update: 7-07-2012, 11:10pm

.: Water baths & Incubators


Multi-Purpose Circulating Water Baths

Advanced general purpose circulating water baths offer a combination of contemporary cabinet design, advanced microprocessor control and a range of accessories to suit your specific laboratory or process application. High-strength cabinet construction with 304 stainless steel interior tanks withstand the most critical applications in demanding laboratory environments. Circulating models are available in heated only versions, temperature range 5°C above ambient to +100°C, or combined heated/refrigerated models for operation from 0°C to +100°C.


Shaking Circulating Water Baths

Two baths in one, Lindberg/Blue M shaking water baths are designed to meet industrial research, environmental, biotech and general laboratory applications which require close temperature control with a reciprocating motion. The multi-use design allows operation with or without the shaker function.

Refrigerated bath models include an independent refrigeration system module



Gravity Convection Incubators

Gravity Convection Incubators operate over a range of 5°C above ambient to +65°C, and are designed for a variety of general purpose applications which require stable temperature control. A microprocessor-based control system with digital temperature display assures optimum repeatability from process to process.

All models are designed to meet UL and CUL criteria for safety and performance. CE Mark.

The gravity convection design creates stable, uniform temperature at all shelf levels. Fresh air vents at the chamber base and adjustable top air vents maintain an even, gentle air movement for optimal control.




Accessories : Flask Holders & Tray

Flask Holders: Spring stainless steel construction; designed for use with shaking and refrigerated shaking water baths. Flask holders mount on stainless steel flask trays, ordered separately. Holders grasp ware firmly to minimize noise and to eliminate movement.

Flask Tray : Stainless steel construction; designed for use with shaking and refrigerated shaking water baths and flask holders. Trays are same size but drilled to hold different configurations.


Accessories : Plastic Test Tube Racks

Plastic test tube racks are available in two rack configurations for 13mm or 25mm tubes. Color: blue