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Update: 7-07-2012, 11:10pm

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Vertical electrophoresis - power PASG-250-02

Vertical electrophoresis unit with power P ASG-250-02: vertical electrophoresis adjustable slab gel kit, 16.5cm wide, height adjusts from 16-28cm,

Specifications; GEL dimension 10x10 cm capacity 2GELS/run maximum sample 20 per gel tank 19x13x15cm buffer solution 250ml power supply e 0303 230V

Horizontal electrophoresis PSGU-2640T-02

Horizontal electrophoresis unit with PSGU-2640T-02: High-Throughput Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis System, 26cm(w) x 40cm(l), CEOWER pack power pack E0303-230V




Plant & animal tissue pulverizer

This new generation revolutionary designed laboratory mill is built for vigorous vertical shaking of deep-well titer plates. The versatile and high-throughput capabilities of the Geno/Grinder allow it to be capable of processing up to four deep-well titer plates simultaneously and sample vials from 0.6mL to 50mL. The new robust design is now smaller and lighter than ever without compromising power.


Millipore : Pure Water Storage and Distribution

Purified water for the laboratory is often produced by reverse osmosis and Millipore’s patented Elix® Technology. Millipore’s compact S.D.S. Storage and Distribution Systems are designed to store up to 350 liters of purified water, maintain consistent purity of stored water, provide effective protection against airborne contamination, and can distribute the purified water under pressure to multiple-use locations.

Maintaining water purity during storage is critical. Millipore’s Automatic Sanitization Module (ASM) prevents bacterial growth and the build-up of biofilm, an accumulation of active and dead bacteria on the inner surface of the storage reservoir.

Millipore Service Support engineers can help to design the total water purification system (including pure water storage) best suited to specific needs, providing detailed specifications and information on all integral parts of the system.

Lab freezers

# Built-in utilities for temperatures ambient to -35 Deg C
# Digital PID Contoller
# 420L Storage Capacity
# Optional Mobile Alert System
# Optional Circular Chart Recorder
# Membrane Type Touch-Sensitive Keypad
# Ideal for storage of Reagent, Seed and Enzymes