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Update: 7-07-2012, 11:10pm

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Spectrum supplies a wide variety of UV-VIS spectrophotometers from a number of reputed suppliers whose products meets your needs for ruggedness, ease of use, validation and applications with a wide selection of UV-Vis spectrophotometers. The UV-VIS models supplied by us include, the research-grade UV-3600 and SolidSpec-3700, are the first designs to incorporate three detectors, which help to achieve excellent sensitivity while significantly reducing noise. Options include single beam UV-Mini and the bioscience-oriented BioSpec-Mini to the new UV-1800 - designed to meet your compliance needs. Superbly engineered for demanding applications, we also supply this product with double-blazed grating, double monochromator (DDM) design and the UV- single monochromator system are ideal for resolving an array of sample types. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use, softwares takes spectroscopy to the next level with a package easy enough to accommodate every level of operation.



The BioMini comes standard with a Spectrum mode that allows for full spectral data acquisition over the wavelength range of 190nm to 1100nm. Upon completion of the spectral scan, the peaks and valleys can be marked within a few seconds. The standard peak pick function allows for clear and accurate detection of the most sensitive wavelengths.




A dedicated spectrophotometer for the quantitation of simple/labeled nucleic acids, the BioSpec-nano enables life science researchers to conserve precious samples and obtain accurate and reproducible results easily. Powered by an automated precision drive mechanism, and delivering an outstanding analysis range and excellent measurement reproducibility, the BioSpec-nano ensures fast, stress-free analysis.


SolidSpec - 3700/3700DUV

The SolidSpec-3700/3700DUV series was developed to satisfy the needs of the electronics and optics markets. These systems also satisfy the latest technological advances. For example, they are capable of measuring the full-area of 12-inch wafers, evaluating the near infrared reflectance of anti-reflective coatings used on optical communications-related devices, and evaluating optical materials in the deep UV region that are needed because of shorter wavelengths being used for irradiation lasers used in exposure systems for semiconductor production.



Designed in accordance with the governing Japanese and European Pharmacopoeia, the new UV-1800 UV-VIS spectrophotometer achieves a resolution of 1 nm, the highest in its class, in a compact design. Offering an array of user-friendly features, the UV-1800 can be used as either a stand-alone or as a PC-controlled instrument.




When you can't dilute the sample or reduce the path length, think of the UV-2550. The double blazed grating, double monochromator (DDM) in this instrument is just waiting for those samples. By creating two blaze wavelengths (200nm and 600nm), the designer has overcome the energy loss and sensitivity restrictions usually associated with double monochromator instruments.

The face of the grating is actually divided into two unique areas for short and long wavelength measurements. The sodium iodide spectra for the double monochromator UV-2550 and a single monochromator instrument described below put this information into practical terms.


UV - 3600

High Resolution - Wide Measurement Range & Ultra-low Stray Light
With its high performance double monochromator, ultra-low stray light (0.00005% or less at 340 nm) is achieved at high resolution (highest resolution 0.1 nm). With a measurement wavelength range of 185 - 3300 nm, measurement is possible over a wide range including the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared regions. This allows spectroscopic analysis in a wide variety of fields.