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Update: 7-07-2012, 11:10pm

.: Stirrers & Homogenizers


RW 16 basic Overhead Stirrer

Laboratory stirrer for simple stirring tasks of up to 10 liters (H2O) with ideal speed range from 40 - 1,200 rpm. Especially suitable for schools, universities and inspection laboratories.

- Infinitely adjustable without gear shifting
- Slim casing and Quiet operation
- Safety circuit
- Non-locking, overload capabilities


Eurostar Digital Overhead Stirrer

Laboratory stirrer that can be used up to the medium viscosity range with constant microprocessor controlled speed and digital display presents set and actual speed. Other features include infinitely adjustable without gear shifting, Slim casing, Quiet operation, Safety circuit, Non-locking, overload capabilities, Push-through agitator shafts and Enhanced safety as a result of smooth start


Eurostar power control-visc Stirrer

Powerful, digital laboratory stirrer for tasks up to the - high viscosity - range. Same features as EUROSTAR power basic, additionally: Iabworldsoft® software is available to allow speed and torque parameters to be controlled, regulated and documented via a PC.
- Digital display presents rated - / actual speed
- Integrated torque trend display for viscosity control
- Analog interface for recording speed and torque
- RS 232 interface

RW 11 basic "Lab egg" Overhead Stirrer

Small-sized stirrer available in four attractive colors.

- Glass housing resistant to chemicals
- Max. stirring quantity 2 l (H2O)
- Incl. paddle stirrer R 1001 and extension arm

RW 20 digital High Power Stirrer

Bringing the future to your laboratory:

- new: With digital display with new Robust, slimline, ergonomic design
- new: Technical improvements on the trusted RW 20 series designs
- With constant power-drive and two speed ranges for universal use from 60 - 2.000 rpm
- Push-through agitator shafts (only when stationary)


Stirrer Blades

Spectrum supplies the overhead stirrers with a variety of blades that are used for diverse applications. The blades vary from propeller, turbine, dissolvers, centrifugal and paddle types of several specs to suit the requirement of the customers.

Homogenizers, Dispersers & Emulsifiers

Spectrum supplies IKA, the epitome of first-rate dispersing devices. Whether used for homogenizing, emulsifying or suspending - IKA's dispersers enable the best possible results. The digital display allows you to keep track of the speed range up to 24,000 revolutions per minute, starting softly of course. Due to their broad spectrum of dispersing tools, IKA dispersers are highly effective for a variety uses. Common disperser uses include: homogenization of effluent samples, dispersing tasks under vacuum pressure, and PCR analysis. IKA dispersers know no limits when it comes to professional particle reduction. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main goals in the development of IKA dispersers. The blades are available in several specifications for use in different applications as per the customer specifications.