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Update: 7-07-2012, 11:10pm

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pH Meters

Al Taef Al-Alamia (Spectrum) supplies all kinds of pH meters from portable, bench types to microprocessor based with temperature variable and supports the clients with uninterrupted supply of electrodes and accessories.


Conductivity Meters

Spectrum supplies and supports a wide variety of conductivity meters (portable and bench type). We also supply professional multi-range conductivity bench meters suited for everyday laboratory use. These instruments are designed to be easy to operate without compromising accuracy and reliability. They perform measurements in four separate ranges allowing the user to switch applications without having to change the probe or recalibrate the conductivity meter



Viscosity Meters

Spectrum supplies different types of viscosity meters for general purpose applications to more specific applications for optimum accuracy in measurement. Specially caliberated viscosity meter are also available.




Density Meters

Spectrum supplies different types of density meters from simple to microprocessor based capable of ;

* Measuring in units of Kg/m3, g/cm3, g/ml, pounds/gallon, specific gravity, Baumé and more * Determine concentration in: %, molarity, normality, mole fraction, ppm, and more * Check batch consistency and ensure proper blending rations * Wetted materials compatible with the most aggressive chemicals.


Spectrum supplies thermo-hydrometers designed to provide excellent performance in harsh environments and poorly lit areas.

A microchip built into the RH probe, HI 70602, can store calibration data. When the probe is connected to another hygrometer, the microchip transfers the stored calibration data and eliminates the need to recalibrate the instrument.


Automatic Transmittance Colorimeter

This type of colorimeters automatically measure colour and display the results directly, either according to the traditional grading scales that have been widely adopted as
industry standards for colour assessment and control, or in terms of internationally recognised CIE values and spectral data