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Introductory Compound Microscope

The microscope at the left is an introductory biological compound microscope. It is compact in size (about 12"or 30cm tall) and is used in elementary schools. It has three powers (40X, 100X and 400X) and a 110 volt illuminator which is located under the stage (where the slides are placed). This is a transmitted light microscope, where the light goes through the specimen (like a fly wing or cells or pond water critters)


Full Size Biological Microscope

This is a full size biological compound microscope, typically used in high school biology classes. It is about 15" or 38cm tall and has three powers (three objective lenses) providing total magnifications of 40X, 100X and 400X. It also has a light source under the stage for transmitted illumination.



Advance Binocular Microscope

This is an advanced research grade microscope with two eyepiece for the researcher and a third port on the top for mounting a camera (called a "trinocular head"). It has four objective lenses with powers of 40, 100, 400 and 1000X and, again is a biological microscope with the illuminator under the stage. It uses a more sophisticated light focusing system (under the stage) called an Abbe condenser.


3015 Microscope Series

The 3015 microscope series brings superior research level, Infinity corrected optics to laboratories, hospitals and educational institutions at an affordable price. The most advanced optical and mechanical components are incorporated to offer exceptional value, versatility and performance to meet the exacting requirements of life science professionals.


FXDS-1R Inverted Microscopes

This is an interesting biological microscope that has the light on top and the objective lenses under the stage. Everything seems to be upside down! With this type, you can put a large object like a petri dish on the stage and easily move it around without the lenses getting in the way. This is also for transmitted light observations and has powers of 40X, 100X, 200X, and 400X. You would find this type in a university biological lab or in the medical profession.



Olympus BX2 Series Advanced Microscopes

The new BX2 series addresses the research demands of the future with Olympus' most advanced optical system to date. UIS2 optics deliver the world's highest standard of fluorescence performance, along with the image quality and clarity needed to progress fast-developing life science research programs. With the increased S/N ratio, high optical transmission factor, and diverse illumination capabilities, the UIS2 optical system provides excellent performance over a newly extended wavelength range between UV and IR. This improvement meets all current demands in fluorescence digital imaging.

Measuring Microscope

This is a specialized microscope used to make very accurate measurements. It has fine controls that move the stage and measure small distances in the X, Y and Z direction and also, the stage rotates for radial measurements. This particular model has a binocular head, three types of illumination (transmitted, oblique, and reflected) and powers of 40X, 100X and 400X.