.: Lab Design


Designing Laboratories for optimum efficiency within a provided space adhering to customer specifications either partially or on complete turnkey basis (catering to different scientific specialties varying from chemical, biological, medical and others) is based on;

1. Functional Relationships
2. Movement
3. Flexibility
4. Accessibility
5. Energy Consumption

Update: 7-07-2012, 11:10pm

.: Scope of Work


Lab Design Phases

1. Programming
2. Schematic Design
3. Design Development
5. Order Finalization
6. Implementation


Design Implementation & Lab Fitting

Implementing the design and fitting the laboratory with appropriate work benches, storage cabinets, special storage facility for inflammable and scheduled substances, etc by using material resistant to fire and corrosive substances like acids, bases, solvents, disinfectants etc., wherever necessary and appropriate as prescribed by the standards.


Design & Utility Backbone Implement

Providing utility connections such as power connections, water, distilled water and/or pure water outlets, vacuum outlet with controls and gauges, air vents & exhaust system, fume hoods, etc as required by specifications.



Special Equipment Zones

Change is inimitable. Labs wear out and have to be fitted with new case works in future. Therefore special zones to house equipments that are shared by different lab users is a good idea. Therefore the creation of equipment zones that accommodate change easily is a cost-effective design opportunity


Mobile Casework Units

Mobile carts make excellent equipment storage units. Often used in research labs as computer workstations, mobile carts allow computer hardware to be stacked and then moved to equipment stations as needed. Instrument cart assemblies are designed to allow for the sharing of instruments between labs. Carts are typically designed to fit through a 3 ft. wide doorway and are equipped with levelers and castors.


Special Enclosed Chambers

Special enclosed chambers designed with utility connections and exhaust / fume hoods are designed and created as per specs of the Labs, ensuring safety.