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Lab GlasswareAl-Taef Al-Alamia (Spectrum) supplies Laboratory glassware traditionally made of glass, used for scientific experiments and other work in science, especially in chemistry and biology laboratories. We also supply some of the equipment in plastic for cost, ruggedness, and convenience reasons.

As glass is still used for some applications because it is relatively inert, transparent, more heat-resistant than some plastics up to a point, and relatively easy to customize, we stock and ensure continuity of supply to our customers.

Our supplies are made of Borosilicate glasses-formerly called Pyrex-and is often used because they are less subject to thermal stress and are common for reagent bottles.

For some applications at the customer end we also supply quartz glass because of its ability to withstand high temperatures or its transparency in certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.For certain specific applications, we supply storage bottles of darkened brown or amber (actinic) glass which is capable of keeping out the UV and IR radiation to minimize the effect of light on the contents.

We also supply polyethylene containers to store special-purpose materials like example, hydrofluoric acid as it reacts with glass.


lab plastic wareDisposable laboratory Plastics

Al-Taef Al-Alamia (Spectrum) supplies quality plastic disposable laboratory consumables especially for medical labs for applications in Histology and Cytology ( Biopsy Cassettes, Tissue Cassettes, Cassettes in Sleeves, Taped Cassettes, Slide Storage, Slide Staining, Slide Mailing, Dissection, Prefilled Sample Containers, Cytofunnels, Accessories ) , Cryogenics (Cryogenic Vials, Storage Boxes, Accessories) , Clinical ( Containers, Products for Microbiology, Sample Cups, Tubes ), Tubes, Caps and Vials ( Sterile/non-sterile culture tubes, centrifuge tubes, sample tubes, capped transportation tubes, etc) PCR (PCR tubes, plates, strips etc) Microcentrifuge Tubes ( Screw capped. Snap caps etc), Deep Well Plates ( Tubes storage racks, tubes & caps, Cluster Tubes etc)

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.: High End products


Fume Hoods for Educational Labs

When complete visibility is required, We offers various models of glass-sided fume hoods that are ideal for higher education settings. It allows students to view demonstrations or the teacher can observe students using the hood.


A2 Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets

Designed for working with biological agents at Biosafety Levels 1–3. 1300 Series A2 features advancements in brushless DC motor technology for dramatically improved energy efficiency, safety performance, and reliability.

Safety Features

+ Meet NSF/ANSI* Standard 49, + Real-time airflow adjustments ensure inflow and downflow velocities remain steady, + Pressure sensor filter monitoring measures total airflow across the working area, + Patented front window design simplifies cleaning for a safer working environment

More Choices

+ Available in 4 or 6 ft. widths (122 or 183cm), + Available with either 8 or 10 in. work aperture (20.3 or 25.4cm), + Easy to order package configurations include popular accessories (manual adjustable height stand, UV light, and armrest), + + Electrical or manual adjustable height stands are also available


Olympus BX2 Series Advanced Microscopes

The new BX2 series addresses the research demands of the future with Olympus' most advanced optical system to date. UIS2 optics deliver the world's highest standard of fluorescence performance, along with the image quality and clarity needed to progress fast-developing life science research programs. With the increased S/N ratio, high optical transmission factor, and diverse illumination capabilities, the UIS2 optical system provides excellent performance over a newly extended wavelength range between UV and IR. This improvement meets all current demands in fluorescence digital imaging.