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Update: 7-07-2012, 11:10pm

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Electricity & Electronics

Spectrum supplies complete range of equipment for training in Analogue Electronics, Digital Electronics and Power Electronics for Electronics Laboratories and training centres. Other Laboratory equipment for basic training in electricity is also supplied in DC, single-phase AC and 3-phase AC.


Electrical Machines & Drives

Some key features are essential for an Electrical Machines Laboratory. A comprehensive range of test machines with accessories to show typical characteristics which are valid also for larger machines. Electrical machines for Laboratory training of students supplied nu Spectrum are handy in size with most accurate torque meter systems.



Modular Board & Training Panels

Spectrum supplies modular experiment board and training panel systems for an extremely diverse range of subjects in electrical engineering and automotive technology. The modularly designed experiment boards and training panels can be assembled virtually at will and allow a huge selection of experiments to be performed in such areas as:

1. Installation technology 2. Power Engineering 3. Drive technology, 4. Automation technology 5. Automotive Technology